Solid Bag Rigs

Solid Bag Rigs

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Solid Bag Rigs - "price is for 3 rigs"

Materials used:

- Enduro - Uncoated braid 🔐 

- Flex - Uncoated braid 🔐

"A choice of 2 materials to cover  all of your solid bag needs!" 

Whilst both materials are supple in nature and perfect for bag fishing, the camo on each braid option gives the more "fussy" carp angler the ability to fish with maximum stealth. 

The "Enduro" option is best suited to fishing over gravel, sand and generally firmer lake beds. It is slightly less supple than "Flex"

The "Flex" option is perfect for low lying weed or more silty/choddy lake beds..


- Line aligned shrink tube for maximum hooking potential 

J Precision hand sharpened wide gape hooks

- Multiple hook bait attachment options

- 25lb breaking strain/low diameter

Free tungsten sinker fitted

- 4 Inch rigs as standard