Fantom D Rigs (Beaked Chod)

Fantom D Rigs (Beaked Chod)

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"Fantom" - D Rigs "price is for 3 rigs"

Materials used:

"Fantom - Fluorocarbon. The best Fluro we've ever seen or used."

When it comes to Fluro D rigs these are at the top of the pile!

For a start we can't begin to tell you highly we rate the material, given it's very high breaking strain to diameter ration it's literally head and shoulders above other Fluro's we've used. Couple that with the deadly J Precision "Beaked Chods" and you've basically got a carp catching machine of a rig 👌

So why a beaked point chod, rather than a straight point ? Well, as most of you will know, hand sharpened hooks can end up with a "dinked" point when fishing over gravel or such like. The risk of this happening is greatly reduced with a very slightly interned point. Peace of mind indeed and bares no relevance in the hooking potential of the rig.

This means these are happy to be fished over anything, just opt for a helicopter set up if your fishing in silt or softer substrates ;)  

- 24lb and 19lb options ( 0.45mm/0.40mm)
- Slightly Sorter Than Other Fluro's 
- Invisible in Water
- 100 % Fluorocarbon
- Very Fast Sinking

Need Anti Tangle sleeves added to the rigs? Please click here 👇