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Doodle Rigs

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The "Doodle"  - "price is for 3 rigs"

Materials used :

- Captura - Duo hooklink ( Braided outer / Fluorocarbon core ) 🔐

"When a Noodle meets a D rig!"

There is no denying how effective the noodle rig is but many of us prefer a "D" to a hair when fishing critically balanced baits. Enter " the doodle! "

The braid we've used on these rigs is nothing short of special...

"Captura" features a fluro core, some of which has been removed to leave a short 5ml  supple section just before the shrink tube to create a hinge for maximum hooking potential.  The rest of the rig has the fluro core remaining. This gives the rig excellent  reset properties whilst maintaining enough suppleness to sit nicely over the lake bed.

This rig turns and grabs incredibly quickly due to the mechanics making it a real winner for pressured carp. Couple that with the clever camouflage that Captura has to offer and you're getting something that very few carp will be able to deal with.

- Line aligned shrink tube for maximum hooking potential 

J Precision hand sharpened long shank hooks

Multiple hook bait attachment options

- Incredibly strong at 35lb breaking strain

- Very low diameter 

Need Anti Tangle sleeves added to the rigs? Please click here 👇